the Elysium Experience

E•ly•si•um | A place or state of perfect happiness. Our commitment is to help you achieve that state on your wedding day. In order to create that environment for your ideal wedding celebration, it will require many ingredients. The perfect music, an engaging master of ceremonies, and pristine sound are a part of what it takes for an unforgettable wedding experience.

We ask all of our couples for three words to describe their ideal wedding experience. The most common of those are “unique, fun, elegant, exciting, entertaining, ...memorable.” A memorable wedding experience is the most requested by our clients. With that in mind, we must examine what makes an experience...memorable. Strong memories are linked with strong emotional associations. Strong emotional responses happen not from typical or expected, but from the unexpected...the unique.

Our philosophy is: to be memorable, it must be unique. In order to be effective, we must find a balance of tradition and uniqueness that is tailored just for you. We specialize in working as a team with our couples to achieve a creatively unique wedding experience that is a place or state of perfect happiness just for you - an Elysium Wedding.